Facing corporate insolvency


How we help

Corporate Insolvency SolicitorsWhen you need sound commercial advice on insolvency related matters – whether contentious or not – you’ll receive down-to-earth, no-nonsense advice from our Business Recovery and Corporate Insolvency Department.

For example, we can help if a creditor, liquidator or Administrator brings a claim against you for paying yourself instead of them. This is called a ‘preference’, and we regularly handle preference claims totalling hundreds of thousands of pounds.

We also help you reach informal arrangements with your creditors.

If it is found that you knew or ought to have known that your company was going into insolvent liquidation, you can be found personally liable for ‘wrongful trading’, and ordered to contribute to the loss caused to creditors (known as the ‘deficiency to the estate’). We often act for directors facing such claims, up to the value of £1 million or more.

If you are facing a claim because you disposed of an asset for free or for less than its true value (known as a ‘transaction at undervalue’), we will help defend your claim – hopefully, you won’t have to return the asset or pay damages.

Who we help

  • Companies
  • Directors
  • Creditors
  • Insolvency practitioners

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