Responding to company fraud


How we help

If your business has been the victim of any type of white-collar fraud, we can advise you about the best way to bring a claim for damages, and will aggressively pursue the recovery of investments on behalf of creditors and other stakeholders.

We also help if a debtor has defrauded creditors by transferring assets to a third party, as this kind of transaction is covered by section 423 of the Insolvency Act 1986.

Senior Partner, Jeremy Boyle, speaks fluent Spanish, our lawyers also speak German, Italian and Polish, and we have a trusted network of local lawyers, forensic accountants and investigators in Spanish-speaking countries. This can make it easier for us to track and trace former directors and misappropriated assets, or freeze and recover money from Europe.

Ask for our advice if you are accused of fraudulent behaviour. For example, if you set up a ‘phoenix company’ but transferred the assets of the failed company below their market value before insolvency, and creditors were left out of pocket. Under insolvency legislation, this can leave you facing criminal liability (imprisonment and/or a fine) as well as personal liability for the debts of the phoenix company.

Company fraud is a complex area, but we have the experience to help.

Who we help

  • Accountants, auditors and other professionals
  • Directors
  • Government departments and local authorities
  • SMEs
  • Court-appointed office-holders e.g. administrators and liquidators
  • Other Central London law firms (where we act as independent supervising solicitors to oversee and report on the proper execution of Civil Search Orders)

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