When is the right time to start divorce proceedings?

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The honest answer is that there is no right time. You should start proceedings when the time is right for you. Often when a separation causes hostility between the parties, being sensitive to the timings can help to keep matters as amicable as possible. Sometimes you are not in the emotional headspace to start proceedings; you may be dealing with a range of emotions which take different lengths of time to work through. Our clients will often tell us that the timing is not right at home because they have planned a family holiday with the children, or there has been a bereavement.

We advise our clients that whilst it is important to consider the welfare of your children, and even that of your ex-partner, the sooner you start proceedings, the sooner you can move forward. A simple straightforward divorce could take 8 - 12 months to complete, which is a long time to leave matters unresolved.

The role of a family lawyer is to explain the law to you, to make sure that you understand your legal rights, and to support you through this process. It is not the role of lawyers to provide you with emotional support, but the legal support that they do provide you with should help to lessen the burden of the proceedings. If you are unsure about starting divorce proceedings, there is no harm in speaking to a family lawyer to take initial advice and to consider the options available to you.

We offer a fixed fee one-hour consultation for £150 plus VAT. The consultation will help you understand your rights, discuss what will happen to the children (if any) and to consider your next steps.

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Priya Gill

Priya Gill

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