Disputed or Non-Disputed Debts

How we help

If a UK debtor has been ordered to pay you money, whether you are based in the UK or Europe, there are various ways we can help enforce your judgement.

The appropriate method to use depends on whether they are an individual or a company, and whether they have enough money in their bank account to settle the debt, own any assets, or are in full-time employment.

Where you have supplied goods but not been paid, we help negotiate ‘retention of title’ so you retain ownership. If negotiations fail, we apply to court to resolve the matter.

Who we help

  • Directors
  • Creditors
  • Insolvency practitioners

Advice about HMRC debts

We provide that important initial advice, whether you are struggling to pay a demand from HMRC or owe any other debt. We negotiate with debtors on your behalf and help you understand the various insolvency options available to you.

Who we help

  • People in debt
  • Bankrupts

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