Asset Tracing

Imagine you are owed a sum of money and that you have spent the best part of year taking part in contested court proceedings in order to recover what is owed to you. You are finally successful in obtaining an order from the court that the debtor pay you the sum owed and when you come to enforce that order, you discover that the debtor does not have any assets and does not have the funds to pay the sum due. Not only have you potentially wasted all of the time you spend pursuing the debtor, but you have also spent money on legal fees obtaining the order.

To avoid the above, it is essential that you take steps to ensure that any debtor actually has the cash or assets to meet any order you are seeking.

We are able to undertake searching to locate individuals and provide an asset report on both companies and individuals as to their means. Once we have this information, we are able to advise you as to whether it is worthwhile spending time and money on pursuing the debtors and the best possible way to do so.

Please also see our page Asset Tracing and Recovery to see how we can help recover any assets.