Shareholder Agreements

A properly drafted Shareholders’ Agreement should aim to avoid conflict in the future and to circumvent standard Articles of Association so as to ensure it takes precedence over the articles at Companies House. It should also include provision to settle any future disputes.

We can help identify issues and work with you and your fellow shareholder(s) in a co-operative, team-like manner to get the shareholders’ agreement concluded.

For example, we assist with issues such as: decision making, division of investment and earnings, changes in financial and or commercial contributions not adequately reflected in the shareholders’ respective earnings, difficulties in addressing a Director or Manager’s performance issues where they are also a shareholder, difficulties associated with a minority shareholding, such as the risk of further dilution of the holding, consequences of the death or long-term illness of a Director/shareholder, the shareholder’s need for a planned exit route (whether for career or financial reasons).

Who we help

  • Shareholder entrepreneurs

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