Child arrangements and parental responsibility

Following a separation, it is important to consider how your child’s time will be spent with you and the other parent. If you are unable to agree the arrangements for the children, you may need to consult a family lawyer to help negotiate the terms. Alternatively, you may wish to try mediation. 

When you are unable to agree the arrangements, and when mediation is not appropriate, it may become necessary to apply to the family court for a child arrangements order. The first consideration is the child’s welfare and the family court will only make an order when it considers that it would be better for the child than having no order at all.

What is a Child Arrangements Order

A child arrangements order regulates:

  • Where the child lives
  • How often the child has contact with each parent
  • The holiday and Christmas arrangements
  • Education
  • Health considerations
  • Indirect contact via Skype/Facetime

What is parental responsibility?

It is the rights, duties, powers, responsibilities and authority of each parent for the benefit of the child. If you have parental responsibility, you are entitled to information from anyone who holds a record concerning your child. You will not lose parental responsibility on separation.

It is sometimes the case that unmarried fathers need to apply for parental responsibility when they have not been named on the child’s birth certificate. In these circumstances, we can help you apply to the family court for parental responsibility.

Our specialist family law solicitors can also assist with 

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