Ways to pay


Litigation funding

We realise that good quality legal advice can be expensive. Accordingly, there are various litigation funding products you can choose:

If you need more details, please ask. We’re happy to explain the options.

We appreciate that you need to know what costs are likely to be incurred, and at what stage, so that you can budget accordingly.

As part of our Law Society Lexcel Accreditation and client care procedure, we’ll give you an estimate of the cost at the outset of your case. We’ll update the estimate at regular intervals as the case progresses.

Litigation funders and insurers also need to know the quantum of the costs required, and they will use our estimate to assist them. The rules of court also require detailed cost estimates.

Please note that we might not be able to give you an estimate straight away, because each case varies depending on its facts – for example, you may need the assistance of an expert witness.

We generally break the case down into segment parts, from the initial stages of your case running up to and including trial. Before we can do this, we need to understand the factual matrix of your case and then identify the legal issues involved. As part of this process, we need to read the documentation and we may have to interview the witnesses. This also helps us try to assess the merits of your case.

Following these steps, we will prepare a detailed written estimate of each stage of your case, which will include the costs of the proceedings:

  • Our fee costs
  • Counsel’s fees
  • Any other substantial disbursements such as an expert’s fees or for document production.

Instead of running the risk of a Costs Order against you, we can also help with insurance.

Understand your options