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    Property Dispute Solicitors

    Property Dispute Solicitors

    Property is usually one of the largest and most important assets owned by businesses and individuals. So it can be financially challenging and emotionally draining when a disagreement arises. While property disputes are sometimes unavoidable, a swift and effective resolution can prevent unnecessary disruption and save money.


    At Summit Law, we have helped our clients negotiate a range of residential and commercial property disputes, so we know what it takes to reach a successful conclusion. Acting for start-ups to established developers, investors, landowners, property management companies and individuals, our in-depth, expert advice is tailored to you, your situation, and your objectives.


    Because we understand the need to resolve any property disputes as quickly as possible, we also provide practical advice to stop a bad situation from escalating. If you are experiencing a property dispute and would like to resolve it, please call our property litigation lawyers on 

    Types of property disputes

    We help with a broad range of property disputes, and we pride ourselves on the results we have achieved. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to our client’s legal needs. Instead, we look at the specific circumstances of each dispute to devise just the right strategy. This might include litigation, mediation, negotiation, or an option you haven’t even thought of.

    Just as important, our proactive approach ensures that we spot any potential issues – and find ways to work around them – before they become a problem. 

    Common types of residential & commercial property disputes we deal with include:

    • Boundary disputes
    • Construction disputes
    • Equity and joint ownership disputes
    • Forfeiture and possession proceedings
    • Lease disputes
    • Lease renewal disputes
    • Landlord and tenant disputes
    • Party wall disputes
    • Restrictive covenants
    • Rights of way disputes
    • Trusts of land disputes.

    Commercial property litigation

    Without proper legal support, resolvable issues can quickly evolve into costly and complex litigation. At Summit Law, we understand the impact a commercial property dispute can have on you and your business, and we do everything we can to resolve any issues and mitigate the impact on your operations.

    Crucially, because our solicitors have experience across all the key UK sectors, we appreciate the broader environment in which our commercial clients operate. So, where a commercial property dispute arises, we don’t waste time finding out about the critical sector-specific factors that might affect their case.

    Should you appoint us as your commercial property litigation lawyers, we will get straight to work to devise a strategy that will maximise your chances of success and meet your commercial objectives.

    Residential property litigation

    Residential property issues have their own set of regulations and challenges to overcome. And the experience can be particularly stressful. But the one thing that residential and commercial property disputes have in common is the need to solve the matter as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

    Our property litigation lawyers advise on a whole range of residential arguments. We help landlords, tenants and property management companies deal with issues such as service charge disputes, recovering possession of property, lease extensions, and acquisition matters. We can also help with neighbour disputes such as rights of way and boundary issues. Where possible, we always seek an early resolution to keep matters out of court. More information can be found on the government website-

    Property disputes for investors

    At Summit Law, we have expert experience in commercial property investment disputes. So we can help, no matter how large the deal or complex the issues.

    We help our investor clients with all manner of contentious issues, including during deals. We also provide professional advice and legal support where something has gone wrong, and money or property needs to be recovered.

    While we have the skills necessary to ensure a successful outcome in court, we use negotiation and mediation to ensure a swift and satisfactory resolution where possible.

    Property disputes for landlords

    Our trusted team of property litigation solicitors helps landlords resolve their residential and commercial property disputes. Dedicated to service excellence, we provide the most efficient and effective service possible.

    Our unique commercial acumen combined with our specialist commercial dispute experience means we provide the pragmatic and practical advice our landlord clients need. From evictions and possession proceedings to the recovery of rent arrears and challenging disrepair claims, we help landlords with all their tenant-related problems.

    Property disputes for tenants

    If you are experiencing a dispute with your landlord – whether the property is your home or your business – it is usually worth trying to settle the matter before taking legal advice. However, if things escalate or you cannot reach an agreement, an expert property litigation solicitor can help you take the necessary legal action.

    At Summit Law, we help our tenant clients with their landlord disputes. This includes disrepair claims, unlawful possession, and issues over deposits. Because we know that our success is derived from our clients, we always treat you with the utmost care.

    Resolving property disputes

    All relationships – including those with commercial partners- can go through a rocky patch. But when property disputes become bitter and drawn-out, the emotional and financial toll can be damaging. As such, it’s not only essential to get the right resolution to a property disagreement, but also to get it fast. It’s about minimising risk and maximising results.

    A boutique London law firm, our property dispute solicitors have substantial experience helping individuals to resolve their disputes.

    Experts in alternative dispute resolution (ADR), we help with a range of dispute resolution options and focus on constructive communication. However, as well as negotiation and mediation, we can also mount a vigorous courtroom strategy where needed.

    Making a property dispute claim

    Whatever type of property dispute you are involved in, whether residential or commercial, there are several options available to you when making a property dispute claim.

    Alternative dispute resolution (ADR)

    ADR helps disputing parties reach a legally binding decision without going to court. The most common methods of ADR include:

    • Mediation. Both parties attempt to resolve the dispute with the help of an impartial mediator. They will likely be in the same room as the mediation occurs. Any agreement reached will not be compulsory, but the decision can be made into a legally binding order if agreed.
    • Arbitration. The preferred choice for many businesses facing property disputes, arbitration provides a final and binding decision. More formal than mediation, a qualified arbitrator (usually with significant experience of the issues) will consider the dispute before ruling. Both parties are unlikely to be in the same room during the arbitration process.

    ADR allows greater flexibility when it comes to the overall resolution (courts are bound by specific regulations). ADR can also be less costly than going to court, and resolution can be achieved much quicker. However, where ADR is unsuitable or has failed, you may have to go to court.


    With litigation, a judge will hear your case. Proper legal representation will ensure all the required documents are in order. A lawyer with the necessary experience will also present the most robust possible case in court.

    At Summit Law, we can advise you on the method of dispute resolution which puts you at best chance of success.

    Property dispute lawyers - FAQs

    A property dispute is any dispute that involves property. This can be between landlords and tenants, but can also involve developers, investors, property management companies and other property/landowners.

    Whether you can sell a disputed property depends on the nature of the dispute, who is involved, what stage the conflict is at, and whether any restrictions prevent a sale. We recommend seeking expert legal advice before proceeding with a deal to avoid a costly mistake.

    The most suitable method of dispute for you will depend on the nature of the disagreement and your circumstances. However, regardless of the type of dispute resolution you choose, we advise you to:

    • Keep channels of communication open wherever possible
    • Keep discussions constructive
    • Keep a record of all relevant communications, including formal meetings and face-to-face conversations
    • Keep any evidence that might be relevant to your case.

    We would first advise you to talk to your tenant to remind them that the rent is due. It would only sour relationships to start legal proceedings without attempting to resolve the matter amicably. If the rent continues to go unpaid, contact them again by letter or email, so you have a written record of any correspondence. Stay polite, calm, and courteous, as this will help your case if you need to go to court. If the tenant is willing to enter a payment plan which is acceptable to you, it might be worth exploring this option. They may also be willing to surrender the tenancy.

    If you need to begin eviction proceedings, contact a lawyer to serve a Section 8 Notice on the ground of rent arrears.

    You might be able to deduct any unpaid rent from the tenant’s deposit at the end of their tenancy. The tenancy deposit scheme can advise you on this. If the non-payment of rent continues, your landlord insurance provider might be able to help

    Why choose Summit Law?

    At Summit Law, we get to know you, your legal needs, and your business to make a winning case. Our firm will always go the extra mile if you need a trusted partner who will provide the support you need.


    We specialise in dispute resolution and commercial litigation services. Our ability to provide specialist legal advice, combined with multi-lingual solicitors, the ability to undertake matters in the UK and abroad, and our unrivalled commercial acumen mean we are a force to be reckoned with.

    Client Service

    Client care is at the forefront of our service. Our property dispute solicitors unravel complex issues and make them easy to understand. And because of our honest, transparent, and jargon-free approach, you’ll always know where you stand. But we don’t rest on our laurels and continually strive to improve our services to benefit all our clients. Our Lexcel Accreditation status recognises this commitment to client care.

    Transparent Pricing

    Because we know quality legal advice can be expensive, we provide several funding options. We’ll estimate the cost before we start your case and update this estimate at regular intervals as your case progresses. With Summit Law, you always feel in control and there are never any nasty surprises.

    Industry Recognition

    At Summit Law, we have an enviable reputation amongst our peers. We have also received the much-coveted Law Society Lexcel accreditation, the Law Society’s practice management standard and the hallmark of a truly professional, transparent, and responsible legal practice.

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    Whatever type of property dispute you are involved in, you must seek advice as soon as possible to increase the chance of a quick resolution. Our property litigation solicitors firmly believe that a problem shared is a problem halved, and we are here to remove the burden from your shoulders.

    With all the expertise, skill and commercial know-how needed to handle complex property disputes, we deliver the highest standards of care and counsel. Call us today on 020 7467 3980 or complete a Free Online Enquiry, and one of our property litigation lawyers will be in touch to find out more about how we can help you.

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