Commercial Debt Recovery and Litigation

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    Commercial Debt Recovery and Litigation

    Unpaid debts are an issue for every business. We understand the impact that a late or non-paid debt can have on a business which relies on cash flow and so we will ensure that we work on your behalf to recover the maximum amount of money that we can, including interest and any applicable compensation and expenses.

    Whether the debt is disputed or not, we will recommend the appropriate procedure to enable you to recover funds as quickly as possible at a sensible cost. It is often the case that the longer a debt is left unpaid, the less likely it is to be collected.

    Do not let unpaid debts take up your time and resources which could be better spent elsewhere. Contract our expert debt recovery team today to assist in the following:

    • Disputed or Non-Disputed Debts
    • Judgement and Enforcement
    • Cross-border Debts
    • Interest Rates and Commercial Debts

    Hourly rates
    The current members of our team and their hourly rates are as follows:

    • Partner £443
    • Associate £387
    • Solicitors and Senior Paralegals £249
    • Paralegal £198

    Range of costs
    Advice only – £750 to £2,500 plus VAT
    Negotiating a settlement / issuing legal proceedings – £2,000 to £6,000 plus VAT
    Preparation for court hearing – £10,000 to £30,000 plus VAT

    Undefended Settlement (no court proceedings), within two to six weeks.
    Undefended court proceedings up to and including Judgment, within six to twelve weeks.
    Defended court proceedings may take between six months to two years to reach a conclusion.

    We may need to make payments on your behalf, known as disbursements. These are payable to third parties such as counsel’s fees, expert’s fees, travel expenses and court fees.

    Counsel’s fees will vary according to experience and the complexity of your matter. We will obtain an estimate from counsel for your approval before incurring this expense on your behalf.

    For more information please call our expert commercial debt recovery and litigation solicitors on 020 7467 3980, complete a Online Enquiry form or email and one of our commercial lawyers will contact you.

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