Debt Recovery and Civil Litigation

Debt Recovery and Civil Litigation

Whether you are facing a claim for recovery of money or are owed money from a debtor, Summit Law LLP are able to assist you. It is absolutely essential to obtain advice at the earliest stages to ensure that you protect your position and avoid the situation spiraling out of control.  

We understand that for those seeking to recover funds due to them, the aim is to recover the debt as quickly as possible and in the most cost-effective way.

Every situation is different. If the debt has arisen between two businesses you could potentially claim more than the sum due. If the debt is disputed, it may be best for you to follow a county court procedure rather than the insolvency procedure. Our expert debt recovery and litigation lawyers are able to provide you with tailored advice to suit your needs.

Contact us today for assistance with:

  • Debts owed
  • Disputed/Un-disputed debts
  • Insolvency procedure vs county court claims
  • Cross border debt recovery
  • Commercial debt recovery
  • Debtor tracing
  • Enforcement
  • European enforcement orders

Get specialist debt recovery and civil litigation legal advice from our expert team of solicitors. Contact Summit Law LLP on 020 7467 3980, complete a Free Online Enquiry or email and a member of our legal team will  contact you.

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