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    Commercial Litigation Solicitors

    In an increasingly regulated world, disputes are unavoidable in business. We aim to prevent and resolve disputes by providing in-depth, tailored, and practical advice to suit your requirements and focuses on your personal strategic and commercial objectives.

    Our commercial litigation solicitors are able to assist in all ranges of disputes in ways to suit you, whether that is by negotiation, mediation or a vigorous courtroom strategy. We will implement a plan without delay which will, in turn, maximize your chances of success.

    We have extensive knowledge and expertise in all areas of commercial litigation and pride ourselves on the results that we have achieved for our clients.

    How does commercial litigation work?

    Commercial litigation is a broad term that is used as a “catch-all” for any disputes that may arise in a business context. Those disputes could relate to:

    If you are experiencing a dispute and would like to find out what you should do next, please call our commercial litigation lawyers in London on 020 7467 3999.

    How do I claim for a commercial dispute?

    How you might go about commencing a claim in relation to a commercial dispute will depend on what the dispute is regarding, the options available to you and your overall objective.

    You will first need to identify the issues at hand, check to see whether any applicable contract expressly states how disputes should be handled, make enquiries to see whether the dispute is covered by any insurance and check that you are within time to take (or respond to) action.

    It is worthwhile taking the time to properly put together a timeline of events and gather all supporting documentation in relation to the dispute for review.

    If you have the time, it may be worth exploring the possibility of a pre-action settlement in order to save time and costs. If that is not possible, you will need to follow any pre-action that applies.

    At all times you should consider how much the dispute could potentially be worth, whether the person at fault is likely to have the funds to pay, whether it is worthwhile your time in proceeding with action or whether there is perhaps a commercial relationship that you would like to maintain. 

    What is alternative dispute resolution and mediation?

    Alternative Dispute Resolution (more commonly known as “ADR”) refers to a range of methods that can be utilised in order to achieve a resolution to any dispute rather than becoming involved in court proceedings.

    Mediation is a form of ADR whereby parties will be given the opportunity to meet in a neutral location. Usually, each party will sit in a separate room and a neutral third party known as the “mediator” will assist in negotiating a settlement between the parties.

    Attending a mediation can be useful as it focuses parties’ minds on the dispute, allows you to be directly involved in negotiating your own agreement rather than being subject to an order decided by a judge and can save a huge amount of time and cost for everyone involved.

    What is the time limit to resolve a commercial dispute?

    The Limitation Act 1980 sets out the law on limitation periods for each cause of action. If a claim is not issued at court by its limitation date it will be “time barred”, which means that any potential claimant will no longer be able to bring that claim.

    The most common commercial dispute is a claim for breach of contract. That type of claim has a time limit of six years from the date of the breach, however, if a claimant can prove fraud and/or concealment, limitation may be extended.

    Why choose our litigation lawyers?

    Summit Law has a team of commercial litigation lawyers with specialist expertise in all areas of work, whether your claim is for unpaid invoices, misrepresentation, breach of contract, fraud or more.  We work with our clients to achieve their goals by devising strategies, deciding on tactics and applying a commercial mind at all times.

    We are a partner-led firm so clients can rest assured that their disputes will be handled not only by specialists in the area but will also have the involvement of a partner who will apply not only their knowledge but their wealth of experience.

    We are aware of how costly and time-consuming legal action can be for businesses and so we understand the importance of providing timely, cost-effective advice.

    Our litigation solicitors will initially provide you with honest advice as to the likelihood of successfully bringing or defending any court action to ensure that you do not waste any money in bringing an action which is not likely to succeed.

    We will also evaluate the prospects of ADR so that if appropriate, your case can be concluded at the earliest stage possible without the need to bring formal proceedings. If that is not possible, we have the requisite experience and resources to take your matter through to trial.

    Our commercial litigation solicitor fees

    Summit Law’s fees are determined by the amount of time spent on a matter. Each of the lawyers have individual hourly rates depending on their level of experience. Hourly rates range from £195 to £450 plus VAT.

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