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    Employment Lawyer for Employers

    Getting employment law right is essential. But due to frequent legislative changes, employment policies, contracts, training, and practices are often not up to date. With serious repercussions for businesses that get it wrong, including stiff financial penalties and reputational damage, not being aware of the latest changes is no excuse.


    Our specialist employment lawyer for employers, we keep on top of all relevant changes, and ensure our clients do too. Advising on current, pending, and future employment law matters, we deliver the peace of mind you need to run your business without worry.


    Here to help with a range of employment law issues, please contact our employer solicitors today on 020 7467 3980 or complete our online enquiry form.

    Our employer solicitors expertise

    Experienced in contentious and non-contentious matters, we provide holistic employment law advice for employers – from assisting with the recruitment process and drafting contracts to defending claims for unfair dismissal and discrimination. Moreover, our knowledge of HR issues means we can effectively manage risk and ensure compliance. 

    With short time limits and the risk of not being able to recover costs, seeking early employment law advice is imperative. To limit disruption, our expert employer lawyers will assess your company issues and achieve resolutions promptly.

    Tailoring our advice to meet your requirements and priorities, here are some of the matters our business employment lawyers can help with:

    Who can our employer lawyers help?

    We support clients operating in various sectors, including financial services, banking, media, technology, and more. And we have a wealth of experience across all types of organizations, from international companies with thousands of employees to small businesses (SME”s) with less than five.

    And because our business employment lawyers are experienced in acting for both employers and employees, we preempt what your opponent is likely to do next and the advice they will likely receive. We then use this knowledge to your advantage when providing employment law advice for employers.

    Put simply, we help you take control of the situation and get back to running your business.

    What are the grounds for dismissing an employee?

    Before dismissing staff, you must have an acceptable reason for doing so. Valid reasons for dismissing an employee include:

    • If they are incapable of doing their job to the required standard
    • If they are capable, but unwilling to do their job properly
    • If they have committed some form of misconduct
    • If you are making them redundant (you must demonstrate that the job will no
      longer exist)
    • If something prevents them from legally being able to do their job (e.g. if a
      driver has lost their driving license)
    • Other ”substantial reasons”

    If someone is incapable of doing their job due to health reasons, you should try to help them before dismissing them.

    You must also act reasonably during the dismissal (and disciplinary) process. This includes genuinely believing that the reason for dismissal was fair and following all relevant procedures.

    If an employee thinks you’ve dismissed them unfairly, constructively, or wrongfully, you could end up at an employment tribunal. Legal advice is strongly advised to avoid this.

    Our business employment lawyer fees

    Meeting the needs of our employer clients, we offer a range of flexible payment options. These include retainers, fixed fees, and hourly rates. And we provide a fixed price, no-obligation initial consultation.

    Keeping costs fair and affordable, we always ensure the right level of expertise on any work we carry out for your company. This means that we use paralegals for routine tasks and specialist partners on complex and critically important aspects.

    The current rates for our employment solicitors for employers are as follows:

    Hourly rates
    • Partner £443
    • Associate £387
    • Solicitor £249
    • Paralegal £198

    Example costs

    Advice only. £750 to £5,000 plus VAT depending on time spent on the matter and the complexity of your issue

    Negotiating a settlement. £3,000 to £15,000 plus VAT

    Preparing for an Employment Tribunal. £10,000 plus VAT for a short simple claim and up to £50,000 or more plus VAT for longer more complex claims.

    Employer lawyer for small business - FAQs

    • While contractors are not entitled to the same benefits as employees, even if a contract describes them as self-employed, they may have ‘worker’’ or ‘employee’ status.
    • The Supreme Court ruled that, while Uber considered its drivers to be self-employed contractors, they were, in fact workers. This means they are entitled to statutory holidays, holiday pay, the minimum wage, and other protections. Legal advice is strongly advised.
    • As employment tribunals are independent, they do not favour employers or employees. Instead, they consider all the evidence before making a fair and unbiased ruling.
    • Employers cannot change an employment contract without the employee’s consent. But, if employees do not agree to changes after negotiation, employers can terminate their contracts. If not done correctly, this may result in an unfair dismissal claim.

    Reasons to trust our business employment lawyers

    Backed with many years experience supporting UK SME’s across a wide range of industries, our experienced employment lawyers are always on your side when you need us most. Here are some of of the reasons as to why you should choose Summit Law.

    Bespoke employment advice
    We provide tailored, pragmatic, and well-informed legal advice, support, and representation – often on complex issues. Our highly skilled employer solicitors know what it takes to get a successful conclusion at tribunal.

    Fast client service

    Saving time, disruption, and costs, our employer lawyers seek early resolution of contentious matters, avoiding litigation wherever possible. On non-contentious issues, we provide an efficient, quality service to support our clients’ business needs.

    Transparent pricing

    We pride ourselves on delivering reliable expert advice at a reasonable cost. We provide several funding options. And, to ensure our clients always know what is happening, we provide an estimate before we start a case and regular updates as matters progress.

    Industry recognition

    Our business employment lawyers have an enviable reputation. We are recognised by our clients and our peers as a force to be reckoned with. Furthermore, to demonstrate our commitment to client care, we have been awarded the sought-after Lexcel Accreditation status

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    Having acted for many companies across most industry sectors, we have helped all types of employers, from small start-ups to large corporations. So whatever your employment law matter, our specialist employment lawyers have the experience, skills, and aptitude to support you.

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