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Commercial Solicitors London

Solicitors London

In a competitive marketplace, businesses of all types and sizes require expert legal support. With over one hundred years of combined legal experience, you can be confident that your business is safe with our commercial lawyers at Summit Law.

Our legal aptitude is only part of the reason why you should choose us as your commercial solicitors. In addition, our business acumen means we can assist with any commercial problem. Indeed, being a business ourselves, we fully appreciate the daily commercial pressures you face.

A trusted advisor to our corporate clients, our commercial solicitors will work in partnership with you to find the most appropriate solution to your business challenges. And, because we know how much it matters to you, we resolve any issues as quickly and as painlessly as possible – with minimum disruption to your operations.

A high-end, Lexcel accredited boutique firm of commercial lawyers, we provide a wide range of commercial legal services, including in the following areas:

  • Breach of contract and contract disputes
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Commercial debt recovery and litigation
  • Corporate Insolvency
  • Data protection compliance and breaches
  • Defamation
  • Shareholder & Director disputes
  • Employment Law
  • Director disqualification defence

Call our specialist commercial solicitors in London today on 020 7467 3980 or complete a free online enquiry and we will be in touch.

Commercial litigation lawyers

At Summit Law, we work in partnership with our commercial clients to help avoid disputes whenever possible – because prevention is always better than cure. Nevertheless, despite the very best of intentions, in business, conflicts do happen. 

Should a commercial dispute arise, we aim to de-escalate and resolve arguments by providing in-depth, tailored, and practical advice that suits your requirements and focuses on your strategic and commercial objectives. And, if we need to go to court, we have everything it takes to win.

Working in whatever way it takes to get the outcome you need, be that negotiation, mediation or a vigorous courtroom strategy, we act without delay to maximise your chances of success. And with extensive knowledge and expertise in all areas of litigation, our commercial lawyers are proud of the results we have achieved for our clients.

Breach of contract solicitors

Setting expectations and ensuring your business interests are protected, commercial contracts are essential to the way businesses operate. So, when a contract is breached – regardless of the reason – the consequences can be frustrating, time-consuming and financially damaging. 

Our commercial solicitors provide the expert legal advice and cool heads needed to resolve contractual disputes quickly and cost-effectively. And we always make sure to protect your overall business goals. Where you are not sure if a contract has been breached – with many commercial contracts complex and frustratingly vague – we help clarify the situation and will advise you on the actions available to you.

With an impressive track-record in pursuing and defending all types of breach of contract claims, we also strive to help our clients resolve their contract issues without having to rely on costly, stressful and time-consuming court proceedings.

Corporate insolvency lawyers

From time to time, regardless of the strength of your business, you might find yourself struggling with cash flow. But in our experience, if you are straining to pay what you owe, it is vital to seek expert advice as soon as possible to avoid escalation and the possibility of insolvency proceedings.

Whether you are in arrears with suppliers, PAYE or HMRC, our pragmatic approach helps find the breathing space you need and allows you time to get back on track. Alternatively, in situations where insolvency is unavoidable, specialist legal advice can help you through what can be one of the most challenging and emotionally draining periods of your business’ life.

Our expert commercial lawyers regularly assist businesses with a range of corporate insolvency issues, including where directors are facing personal liability. In addition, we also help liquidators, creditors, insolvency practitioners and shareholders. And we can assist with cross-border and international offshore dimension issues.

Industry leaders when it comes to providing the very best advice and representation, we were proud to be nominated as Insolvency Law Firm finalists of the year.

Director disqualification lawyers

If you fail to comply with your legal obligations as a company director, the Insolvency Service may bring director disqualification proceedings against you. If these proceedings are successful, you could be prevented from acting as a company director for 15 years or even sent to prison. This can have a devastating impact on your financial situation, your reputation and your wellbeing.

We have the expertise needed to help company directors defeat disqualification proceedings, or to minimise the impact of a disqualification where a defeat is not possible. 

Specialising in defending all kinds of director disqualification claims, we have successfully persuaded the Insolvency Service to withdraw court proceedings against many of our clients. But with fast action leading to better outcomes, if you have received an initial letter or phone call from the Insolvency Service, you must contact us straight away.

Employment lawyers

Protecting and supporting our clients’ interests at all times, our astute corporate lawyers in London provide a complete range of employment law services to commercial organisations. With considered, practical and results-focused advice, our proactive approach helps us to recognise any potential problems in the employer/employee relationship and find a solution before they become an issue.

Our robust legal advice helps with both contentious and non-contentious matters. And, where possible, we seek to avoid and de-escalate employment disputes. We also pride ourselves on delivering valuable and dependable expert advice at a reasonable cost.

Our employment law clients come from a wide range of industries and sectors, and we deal with businesses of all sizes. As such, we never adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to your legal needs. Instead, our commercial lawyers take the time to get to know your business and your objectives, and we tailor our advice around you.

Shareholder & partnership disputes

Just like any relationship, business associations can go through a rocky patch.  And, with business disputes often becoming bitter, complex and drawn-out, the emotional and financial toll can be devastating. In fact, a disagreement within a company with an equal number of shareholders/directors could result in a deadlock which, if not resolved quickly, could destroy the business.

At Summit Law, our commercial solicitors have substantial experience when it comes to helping individuals who work together to resolve their disputes. And we always strive to do this in the swiftest and most cost-effective way possible.

Whatever type of dispute you are involved in, you must seek advice as soon as possible to increase the chance of a quick and cordial resolution. Where a conflict is ongoing, we can also advise of any measures that will mitigate the extent of the commercial dispute and ensure the business can continue trading.

Why choose our commercial lawyers?

Our commercial lawyers are leaders in their fields and always provide exceptional, client-focused legal advice and support to businesses. Moreover, our straightforward approach means you’ll always know where you stand.

Our specialist corporate solicitors are some of the most experienced in the industry. So, if you are a business owner or manager in need of legal know-how, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should choose our commercial solicitors.  

  • We help our commercial clients with a holistic range of corporate legal services on a national and international basis
  • We assist a broad range of industry sectors and business types, and we support our clients throughout their entire business journey, from entrepreneurs and start-ups to large private companies and professional partnerships
  • Our business solicitors boast an enviable combination of commercial acumen and legal expertise
  • We remove the stress from your shoulders, with minimal disruption to your life. This frees you up to focus on what’s important
  • Lexcel accredited, you can be confident that we live up to our promises
  • Our proactive approach helps us to spot and resolve any potential issues before they become a problem
  • We provide the highest standards of legal care and counsel to all our commercial clients
  • Our commercial lawyers work on both non-contentious and contentious matters
  • We don’t discriminate against financially struggling companies. In fact, we can help business in need with intelligent solutions that ensure the minimum disruption possible
  • With an eye on your bottom line, we ensure a commercially sensitive approach so that your interests are protected, without you having to worry about excessive costs.

Contact our commercial solicitors in London

Based in the heart of legal London, we are a stone’s throw away from the Royal Courts of Justice, the Employment Appeal’s Tribunal and Inns of Court. We are also members of the International Legal and Accounting Solutions (ILAS) – an international network of trusted professional advisors. As a result, we are perfectly situated to support corporate clients in London, across the UK, and all over the world.

For more information, please call our commercial lawyers today on 020 7467 3980, or make an enquiry on this page and one of our specialist commercial solicitors will be in touch to find out more about how we can help you and your business.

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