Fraud case studies

Fraud case studies

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Case Study 1 (Business fraud)

We were asked by a firm of accountants to speak to their client, a large limited company within the pharmaceutical sector.

The in-house cashier and bookkeeper had misappropriated company funds but because of his position of trust and the large turnover of the business, the fraud had for many years gone undetected.

The level of sophistication of the fraud was such that even the company’s auditors had not picked up on the long-running misfeasance.

Although the cashier was charged with various criminal law offences, this did not necessarily assist the business to recover the money it had lost.

Working with the board of directors, Summit Law LLP recommended various steps to recover the misappropriated funds.

This included pleading the criminal conviction within a civil action against the bookkeeper.

We also devised a plan to recover assets from the perpetrator of the fraud, seizing assets, including his house and investments. It also involved a consideration of bankruptcy law.

Case Study 2 (Local Authority fraud)

We also have experience of assisting local authority clients, to recover funds involving, amongst other things, the misappropriation of car parking receipts.

The sum stolen involved hundreds of thousands of pounds, with the perpetrator having paid deposits on two luxury motor vessels.

Jeremy Boyle, initially working with the forensic and financial unit of the Metropolitan Police, was able to devise and execute a recovery strategy involving civil proceedings.

The latter involved a worldwide freezing injunction and the recovery of the deposits paid by the former employee and the recovery of other assets.

Case Study 3 (Land banking scams)

Land banking scams are when small plots of agricultural land are advertised on the internet or over the phone as investment opportunities.

Sometimes land banking scams are often committed after fraudsters take stands at lifestyle exhibitions.

The plots tend to be sold in areas where house prices are high, which might be near urban areas or close to zones of land that have been allocated for development.

Victims are told that once planning permission has been granted, the loan can be sold to a developer for a good profit. In reality, there is often virtually no development potential.

Because of our insolvency and commercial litigation expertise, we have been instructed by liquidators to investigate and pursue former company officers, which often involves cross-border claims.

Spain and South America

Summit Law LLP’s senior partner, Jeremy Boyle is a fluent Spanish speaker having lived in Spain for many years.

We have also developed a trusted network of specialist local Spanish lawyers, forensic accountants and investigators around Spanish speaking countries.