Bankruptcy Solicitors

Bankruptcy or even the threat of bankruptcy can be a stressful time worrying about losing your home and savings, how it affects your loved ones, but it does not have to be that way.

We can help devise options and strategies to enable you to make informed decisions at every turn. Remember a problem shared is a problem halved.

Whether you are in arrears with your tax to HMRC or council tax or owe money to a creditor(s), have received a statutory demand or bankruptcy petition, or need to enter into arrangements to allow you time to pay, we are here to help you.

For a no-obligation consultation to discuss your situation with our expert bankruptcy solicitors, please call us today at our London office on 020 7467 3980 or complete our online enquiry form.

How can Summit Law help?

Our leading bankruptcy insolvency solicitors regularly assist debtors, bankrupts, their spouses and partners with a range of issues. We can help you if:

  • You or your business is struggling with debt and are facing insolvency
  • You have been declared bankrupt and you wish to apply to cancel or Annul your Bankruptcy
  • You have been served with a Statutory Demand or Bankruptcy Petition
  • Your spouse or partner is bankrupt, and their Trustee is seeking possession of your home
  • You signed a guarantee and demand has been made for you to pay
  • Someone in your family owes money to a creditor and your assets are at risk
  • You have received a letter from the Official Receiver about a Bankruptcy Restrictions Order
  • Your Trustee in bankruptcy is claiming costs and you think they are too high, and you wish to challenge them
  • You wish to enter into an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) with your creditors or you want us to negotiate on your behalf
  • Your trustee wishes to privately examine you

Why choose Summit Law?

As a Law Society Lexcel Accredited law firm, our experienced bankruptcy lawyers offer a bespoke service that caters for your individual needs from start to finish at what can be one of the most emotionally draining and troubling times of your life.

Our specialist team of bankruptcy solicitors are industry leaders in providing the best advice and representation and that is why we were nominated as Insolvency Law Firm finalists of the year.

As bankruptcy specialists we have a depth of experience to help you manage a variety of insolvency issues. If you have been served with a bankruptcy petition we can help negotiate with the creditor.

If a bankruptcy petition has been presented you will not be able to make payments for example to staff or your landlord unless you get court approval. This is called a validation order and we can help you apply to the court for permission.

If you are being pursued by a creditor or a liquidator, we can help defend you and fight your corner. We pride ourselves on getting to the heart of the issues as quickly as possible and our job is to fix the problem as soon as possible.

All our insolvency lawyers are well versed in bankruptcy and personal insolvency law. We understand and appreciate just how delicate this area of law can be – not just within the confines of the courtroom, but also the psychological demands placed on bankrupts and their families – and how to navigate through the process in a way our clients feel as comfortable and as assured as can be expected, in all the circumstances.

Bankruptcy lawyers - further information

A statutory demand is a written demand for payment. In other ways it is a kind of written warning from a creditor. If you do not pay the debt or take certain action you may be declared bankrupt.
A bankruptcy petition is an application to the court by a creditor for a bankruptcy order declaring the debtor bankrupt.
Bankruptcy is a declaration that you cannot reasonably pay back all of your debt. You can declare bankruptcy voluntarily or you can be forced to enter into bankruptcy by a creditor.
If you have been declared bankrupt you can make an application to the court on certain grounds to have the bankruptcy order annulled or cancelled. This means that if the order is made it will be treated as though you were never declared bankrupt in the first place.
Antecedent transactions are specific types of transaction that were made before bankruptcy. They may be reversible by a trustee in bankruptcy if the bankrupt was insolvent at the time they were made.
This is a means of enforcing cooperation when a trustee in bankruptcy is seeking to get information from a bankrupt and other person, such as a spouse or partner. A solicitor can be present, and we frequently attend with bankrupts and other third parties when they are being privately examined.

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Our expert commercial team are backed with many years’ experience in bankruptcy matters and offer fully bespoke advice to our clients.

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